Tuesday, January 17, 2017

And, the Splendid Sampler continues....

Here we are in the midst of January, as in the 17th (today) and, I'm trucking right along with my little quilting world, but, oh my, don't have time to post about it!   Awwwwggghhh!  So, I will document just a bit here today, and, maybe tomorrow, just a bit.  Don't want to overload you....yet!  LOL!

Where were we???  Oh yes, we just started the last row!!!!  Here is my update on the next to the last row....

Block 81, did I already tell you about 81?  Hmmmmmm......Let's see.  With Love From is the name of the block and you can just click on title to take you to the pattern, which, will be available until only a limited time after this journey is finished, sometime around the end of February.  I'll have to send out an update when all my links won't work.  Looks like I changed orientation of this block, but, didn't photograph it.  So, here it is upside down.  In your mind, just take off the top and bottom pieces and, switch them around, and, flip block upside down, and, you'll see what it will look like in the final quilt setting.  NEXT!

Block 82, Under the Apple Tree.  Ok, somehow I turned these next two blocks around.  So, placement is turned around, but, I like it.  This block mermaid is show with her hair headed west, is block 83 and 83 is block 82....big grin!  I think I did all this before Christmas and, now, even I'm confused.  When you click on block patterns, you'll see what I mean.  If you have any questions, just shoot me an email, I'll be more than happy to try to explain myself.

Block 83, Minnesota Maze

Block 84, The Early Bird.  This was such a joy to make.  Well, maybe not a complete joy.  It was a bit challenging.  You had to really be trying to pay attention to fabric placement.  But, I thoroughly enjoyed the process.  I love birds.  And, this was probably one of my first wild birds to see in the wild and hear my mother proclaim every spring, that spring is just around the corner, the Red Robin has returned.  Always an event.  Now, I rarely see them.  Only about once have I seen them where I live in the winter.  I can only document once or twice since I have lived here, but, oh, what an event to see them here!  Where's my block???  Can you see him?  Not really red, but, I have my reasons.  hehehehe...

Block 85, Flow.  I'm leaving...on a jet plane...don't know when I'll be back again...oh babe, I hate to go....LOVE the song.  sweet block.  Staying in my color zone...

Block 86, Unity Star.  This pic came out a bit on the dark side.  Blame it on me!

Block 87, Shining Star.  I feel like a shining star.  But, actually stars are black with gas and/or fire making them shine.  purty cool.

Block 88, Love is the Answer.  Yes!  LOVE is the Answer!  

Block 89, From Colorado to the Midwest.  Well, I don't know about Colorado, but, I do know about the Midwest.  Yes, I'm originally from the midwest, along the Mississippi River, northwest Illinois, and, family all along the river south to Quincy, Illinois.

Which, brings us to the closing of this blog for today.  Blogging about ten blocks has proven too many!  But, stay tuned.  I will be doing a big reveal next month upon the completion of this 100 epic block journey.

Block 90, Juggling.  While I loved the beautiful, detailed tutorial the designer took the time to post for us, this block has turned into my epic fail block.  What a bummer too.  I really love all the quilting concepts she has tried to show us, but, without a bias bar, my block has just not been up to par for me.   This is my second attempt.  Maybe, I can take the time to practice the techniques used in this block more in the future.  Until then, I am pleased with my feeble attempt.

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