Monday, December 5, 2016

It's a new blog baby....Block 74 thru Block 80 Splendid Sampler

And, here I am writing wayyyyy later than I wanted too, but, that's how I roll....where ever the winds blows.  And, boy is it blowing!  It's been raining here for three days now, today is day four!  Sooo, Who'll Stop the Rain comes to my mind.  In the meantime, let me show what has been going on over here on my marvelous Splendid Sampler 100 Epic blocks!

Block 74, Button Basket.  What an amazing block and I learned a new skill.  Always fun.  And, look at Mermaid's wild hair!  Took me a couple of days to figure out how to get that handle to settle down and get sewed on here.  But, with the help my new friends, I got it!  Thanks to my new Splendid Sampler friend!

My new friends from the Splendid Sampler I got to meet in person at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas last month.  We all had a block, but, Tammie had brought all her blocks from some far off distant land.  And, I looked at every single one of them.  There were all so precious!  And, all favorite color!

Block 75, Stitch Crazy.  Now, this is where I got a little mixed up with my placement.  This block is now in a different location on my quilt.  Can't be helped.  Don't know what I was thinking when I made this block, but, it is what it is because it caused a chain reaction, and, all's well that ends well.


Here it is.  Already added in quilt, but, came out lovely.  Worked on this for a week or more.  And, loved every minute of it.  Now, I'm hand piecing in the evenings on an old, old project while I wait for another embroidery block.  Do you think we'll get one?

Block 76, Little Things.  Such a fun little block.  And, I just adore teacups!  I have lots of them!  And, my absolute favorite tea lately is Cinnamon Apple Spice.  Hubby says I'm running low again!  Oh my!  Put that on the list please for groceries.  Note, again, placement of this block will not be in it's assigned position.

Block 77, Prism.  What another fun block and I got to showcase more butterfly fabric.  Always a win, win for me...hehe.  Note, placement is again rearranged for this block also.  Practically, the whole row has been shifted around.

Block 78, Jersey.  I don't even know what to say about this block, but, it has been moved also.  Had to go look at my quilt to see where i put it.  Looks good.

Block 79, Spool of Inspirational Threads.  And, that's exactly what I did!  Used my fabric to tell the Inspirational story.  And, I love it!  And, I so cheated on this block, I'm almost embarrassed.  But, it turned out so good!  Can't complain about that.  Looks like I already put it in the quilt before I took the pic.  Sorry about that.  But, I love it.  Still one of my favorite blocks.

Block 80, Heartstring Star.  Look who got to make an appearance on my quilt!  Yeah!  I so love stars...and horses!

That's it for now y'all.  I'm currently working on a million things with the holidays here and everything.  So, my blogs will be whenever I can squeeze two minutes together.  My goal here is to document all 100 blocks, and, I'm doing that.  With just 20 more blocks to go, Looks like I will make it!  And, then, I can throw my hat up in the air like Mary Tyler Moore!

Happy Christmas to all....