Saturday, October 29, 2016

Splendid Samper Block 68 thru Block 73

Update...update!  Read all about it!

Let's do an update, so, I can get to Festival!  As, in International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas!  That'd be the one!  I love going!  I've been going since 2001 or 2002 when I first began quilting officially.  I'm so excited this year!  Let's get some work done before I go....

Block 68, Wild Rose.  What a great place to start.  Mermaid has been such a big help to me.

Block 69, Full Circle.  Love how Mermaid is peeking out from her safe spot....always encouraging me.

Block 70,  Bows.  Such a challenging little block, but, oh so worth it!

That completes another row.  Now, on to the next row.  Block 71, First Stitch.  Loved this block so much, I made two versions.

Block 72, Full Circle Star.  One of my favorites.  Too bad I had to mess it up some!  So precious anyway.  I'm keeping it!

And, last, but, not least for now, Block 73, +Love.  Pretty in pink, I call it.

That's it for now, my dear quilting peeps.  Going to go pack for Quilt Fest!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

My Butterfly Secret Garden goes to Japanese Tea Garden

What a hot day in San Antonio!  But, what a wonderful time!  It was 97 degrees without humidity, so, probably over 100 degrees.  My sister went with me and they were having a festival, of course!  But, we still managed to capture some great photos.  Hope you enjoy.

First, you have to see the beautiful Japanese koi fish that greeted us.  I love them!

Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

Block 4

block 5

Block 6

Block 7

Block 8

Block 9

Block 10

Block 11

Block 12

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Block 62 thru Block 67 For the Splendid Sampler and a new Moda project!

Hello my fellow quilty peeps!  You know I love you!  And, I'm continuing this journey of a 100 epic blocks called the Splendid Sampler...Oh yes I am!  Let's get you caught up, so, you, too can hopefully be inspired by my little blocks.

Block 62,  Hen and Chicks.  Don't know how that fox got in the middle of my Hen and Chicks.  But, I sure hope he doesn't get any little chicks.


Block 63, Icing on the Cake.  This was so fun!  I love cupcakes!  Mermaid helped.  She helped with a lot of blocks!  Couldn't do this without her!  I've had so much fun displaying her with my blocks and so many fun comments on the Facebook Splendid Sampler Group page.  Just everywhere really.  I always get asked about her.  I'm thinking of naming after a friend I didn't get to meet in person yet, only on Facebook.  She had cancer and I remember her asking me about her when I first meet her.  I was so shocked she lost her battle!  I thought she was going to survive.  Breaks my heart.  Jeanne Renee, naming her after you.

Block 64, Rising Star.  Again, Mermaid helped me.

Block 65, Stripe and Flowers.  Shell helped me with this one.  I love the little pink flowers and tree in this block.  

Block 66, Happy Thoughts.   Mermaid (JeanneRenee) helped me so much on this one.  I tried desperately to get that butterfly in the center where she belonged, but, she just wasn't having it!  She is definitely my Happy Thoughts!

Block 67, Bobbin Chase.  Now, this block goes back to my friend, Scott Hansen with Blue Nickel Studios.  He is so cool!  I'd love to meet his wife though, she makes dolls, I hear!!!!  Anyway, Such a fun, fun block to make in many, many different ways.  We all had a blast making his block in several different variations.  Here's some of mine.  I started with the top version, using my extra butterfly squares from block 2/100.  But, I thought it was a bit busy, so, I replaced center block with a more plain block.  But, then, I saw somebody's brilliant different fabric placement and went ga-ga for it!  And, I blame it all on Mermaid.  She made me do that version!  lol!  

Today, Block 68 was released.  It's a big beautiful flower pattern!  So, you know I need to get off of here and go make it!  but, before I do that I'm going to share a little bit about another new project I'm working on.  It's called Moda Be My Neighbor.  It's 16 of the biggest blocks I think I've ever made, which, is a real contrast to the small 6" blocks I've been making for SS.  Oh my!  What a difference.  And, their block patterns are coming out every week!  So, it's moving along fast!  I'm just going to show you all my blocks so far.  Blocks goes...these are all Pat Sloan's fabrics, different lines except the window sewing blocks and the yellow bird.  I love how all her fabric lines compliment each other.  And, I'm adding the link, so you can play too :)

that's it for now peeps!  Love chatting with you.  I mean, sharing all my blocks with you.  There's more!  I think I need to start blogging every day or so while I'm making stuff.  Currently, I have all the pieces for four huge potholders all cut and ready to be quilted and sewed.  And, I have all the parts, top, back and batting for a halloween quilt ready to be sandwiched and quilted AND I have all 12 blocks finished from my Secret Butterfly Garden!  So much to little time....Luv ya all....till next time....mooowhah!