Monday, September 12, 2016

Splendid Sampler blocks 58 thru 61 and Secret Butterfly Garden

Hello, my quilty friends!  Yes, I said Quilty!  It's a word...well, it should be!

Block 58, Homeward Bound.  What's that you say???  Let's see.....

Block 59, Circle of Friendship.  Love dresden plate blocks!  Not sure they love me.  Oh well, at least mermaid helped me show it to you. 

Couldn't stand the wobbly circle, so, I re-worked it.  I simply took out stitching and traced a line with pencil where circle should have been sewn and re-stitched.  Much better.  Shown here with sashing.

Block 60, Hearts and Flowers.  This one took me a few days.  I took my time really, enjoying the leisure hand embroidery.  This concludes another row!!!!!!!!  Whippeeeee!  Four more rows to go!  Quite a journey!  First time for me making 100 block project!  Learning so much about a lot of things and, not just new quilting techniques....time, planning, pacing, focus, rest....this is quite a list in and of itself.

Block 61, Traveler.  Created by Pat Sloan (check out her blog).  One Who Travels alot!  Love her block, love her blog, love her patterns, love her fabric!!!!!!  And, although, this is not her fabric, I have used her fabric a lot and I always get the most compliments when I do!  My friend, Kathy is using her fabric.  Let's get her block over her....

This is Kathy's block.  If you click on her name, it'll take you to her blog.  Thanks for permission to share your block Kathy!  She is using all Pat Sloan fabrics.  Don't you just love them???  I do!

And, now its time for little fun.  Here's a bonus block, Flip Floppin.  

And, now, for some Secret Garden blocks.  I'm calling mine Secret Butterfly Garden because I can!  LOL!  This is Block 9.  Again, you get to visit the talented Pat Sloan's page because she designed this BOM with her sponsors, Free Quilt  I love this block!  I am running out of fabric's I've used and, so, that has dictated fabric placement for me.  I should do this every month!  So, so happy with the results.  Maybe it was the block designer!  Maybe!  LOL!  I am having way too much fun with this BOM.

Bonus block for Secret Garden (Secret Butterfly Garden), which is the same pattern as block 2, but, different fabric placement.

And, BOOM!  All my precious blocks hanging up.  Well, almost all of them.  Eight are hanging up (the last eight) and three (the first three) are still on the ground.  I ran out of room and the mosquitos were biting me so bad, I had to hurry up, snap, grab blocks and run for the house!!!!  Never did that so fast in my life!  Then, of course, I had to straighten up all the blocks because I really did just grab and go!  Like grabbing all your clothes off the clothesline right before a downpour.  

Okay, so there's more......what can I say?  busy little bee...speaking of bees....these landed on my head walking out the door the other day.  Scared me.  I was dancing around, trying to shake off whatever fell on my head, into my hair and, down the back of my shirt!  I found these two doing a little dance of making baby bees!  What?!?  

Moving on....would have rather had a butterfly land on my head!  Anyway, a dear friend found a link to this cute little butterfly block and I just had to make it.  Posting link for you....butterfly block.  You have to check it out!  You can win a bundle of some precious fabrics...just saying...

Oh!  There's more!  Don't you worry your pretty little head about that!  Now, let's Charity Quilt done...

And, one pillowcase.  Again, this was a challenge from Pat Sloan blog last year or so and I'm just now getting around to quilting it and giving it one of our charities at the quilt guild.

Anything else???  Oh yes, of course!  I have been playing around with butterfly blocks and came up with this design.  My own design.  Thinking about doing a tutorial on it.

That's it for now.  Back to sewing for about you???

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