Wednesday, August 17, 2016

the Half Way mark on the Splendid Sampler and beyond...

We have reached the half-way mark of 50 blocks on this Splendid Sampler journey!  Remarkable!  What a journey.  Already I have noticed a drastic improvement on my accuracy in making these tiny blocks.  Alright!  Makes me so happy!  Hope y'all are enjoying the journey with me.

Block 49,   Summer's Gift.  What another fun block.  Really, really starting to love my fabric choices better for blocks.  And, look at the accuracy.  Love it!

Block 50, Flights of Fancy.  Marks the half-way point.  So, that means we've at this for the past six months and have yet another six months till all 100 epic Splendid Sampler blocks have been released.  Wow!  I'm shaking my head.  this has been my longest commitment for a quilt like this EVER!  I've really been learning a lot about myself as a quilter and a mother and a wife and a dog-mom :)  Whoops!  Looks like I had little mishap with my center block....let's go see if I have a fixed, I fixed it, but, it doesn't appear I documented it.  Let's move on, I have a lot to show you this time.

Block 51, Bee Happy.  Just like the name implies, Bee Happy!  And, love on my block, or, yours, if you make one (wink).   First pic, done with the help of my new glue pen (I love it).

Second pic, with the aid of a little mermaid helper, re-worked bee stinger.  Awww...much better.

And, once again, for good measure.  This time we added a little button from a quilt shop btw (by the way) and it's sashing.  What is there not to love???

Block 52, Coneflower,  by one of our fearless leaders, Pat Sloan.  I am so impressed with my continued fabric selections for the blocks.  Why, I amaze myself!  You think this is should see all the other amazing, and, I do mean, AMAZING coneflower blocks on the Splendid Sampler fb page...oh MY!

Block 53, Whirling in Circles.  How appropriate!  Over half-way through this project and we are well on our way to completion!  And, literally, dizzy from whirling in circles!  You think mine is good.  again, I encourage you to go look at some of the other versions....go, look, have fun.  AMAZING...I'm telling ya!

This concludes this part of the program and now, we, continue with the other part....hang onto your hat!  

Have to squeeze this little beauty that marks our half-way point with a mountain and a big, pink moon, you, can get a free pattern, right here....Bonus Block.  So fun!

And, now, onto our second half of the program...

Made these two cute little baskets for a quilting friend's new baby boy.  Piped Baskets.  Fun!  Nice addition of piping pattern for baskets, but, I needed another package of piping.  Not quite enough in one package to finish two baskets.  But, still, cute!  And, can even be reversible.  Nice pattern.  Go ahead and give it a try.  I think you'll like it.

Next, I want to show you the new shelf my husband put up for me in my quilting studio.  Really helps with open, viewable storage!  I can see my baskets of Zippers and so handy to get to often.  Love it.  Also, have a few of my newly found and loved toy sewing machines. 

And, a new home for my Aurifil BOM 2016.  Complete with dolls from Colorado and an old train case from the flew market.  I love it because it hold all the fabric I'm using for the project and a place to hang up my blocks, so, they are easily found!  How cute...right?

Mermaid friend, helped me make this BOM, July 2016.  And, you can get entered in a drawing for a whole 12 spools of Luscious Aurifil thread, 50 weight!  Oh my!  Just for making a block a month!  Those peeps at Aurifil are the best!!  And, beautiful Pat Sloan, sponsors this BOM every month!  She's so nice!

And, we have August, fresh off the press.  Just stitched together yesterday, and, photographed outside in between downpours.   Get in on the fun....HERE.  I am!  Look for my block at link today!

Here are all my Aurifil BOM 2016 so far.  Re-made one block and looks like I made it into a heart block...hmmm...kinda like it.  But, will probably fix it. 

One more lovely....  This was such a fun, new project featured from Fat Quarter Shop.  I'm posting you the link, Single Scoop Zipper Bag.  Quilted the outside of bag with 28 weight Aurifil purple thread in my machine.  Fun!  Isn't it darling?  I've got to make more.  What a fun little project.  But, don't be fooled by the littler mermaid, this is a great size for a wristlet. 

Okay, that's all for now.  I have so much more to show you, but, I've got to save it for another day....

Take care all my sewing peeps....

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