Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Splendid Sampler Blocks 54 thru 57 and Strawberry Quilt

Starting off with Block 54, The Shell.  Paper pieced with little Mermaid hiding my imperfection.  Thanks little Mermaid.  I need to re-make this beautiful block.

Block 55, Dedication Rose.  Not sure I even shared this on the Splendid Sampler Facebook page yet. Surely I shared it....maybe not.  I have gotten carried away with the next brilliant block.

Block 56, At Home Anywhere.  But, of course, mermaid love block...still needs a window.

And, Block 57, Starting Point.  And, we are all caught up on SS blocks so far.  Did Mermaid make an appearance this blog or what?!?  I wanted to show y'all what I'm doing with all my blocks, but, I must save it for a later date...sorry.   but, I have more to show you in the meantime...

EXTRAS....I'm calling this Kaleidoscope Boden.  the Boden block is from Pat Sloan's latest book, Teach Me To Sew Triangle.  You can buy a copy at this link.  It's a great book.  More like a Quilters Reference book.  I love it!

And, my beautiful Strawberry Love!  I used two different strawberry quilt patterns.  One from a Pat Sloan blog, pattern from Fat Quarter Shop, Strawberry Picking.  And, the little strawberry blocks surrounding the center Strawberry are from a blog and it's free, Strawberry Appliqué.  The quilt was designed using my Grandmother's strawberry tablecloth.  And, look what I found at local second hand store, Strawberry Dish Set for $9.99...what a deal!  

Oh!  There's more, but, I'm tired of writing and want to get to sewing more goodies.  So exciting!  I love sewing the day away.  Hope you do too and find inspiration from my blog.  thanks for reading.

Dianna E


  1. Yes, "quilty" is definitely a word! LOL
    Thanks for the shout out about my blocks and blog. I'm really bad about keeping up on the blog but got it updated at least a little today. Here is the link"

  2. Thanks Kathy! So glad you're on my blog now. This is fun!

  3. Thanks Kathy! So glad you're on my blog now. This is fun!