Sunday, July 31, 2016

Splendid Sampler blocks 41 thru 48 Oh my!

Now, where we were?  Oh yes, I left off with block 40 some time ago and I'm not sure what all transpired since then that I haven't been able to bring you up-to-date.  hmmmm....I do believe I sorta ran out of some key fabrics and added some sashing fabric.  So, let's get cracking'

Block 41, Sew South.  What an interesting way to use hexagons.  One I've seen before, but, hadn't tried.  I have now!  And, I'm a better person for it.

Block 42, Pencils.  Awe, yes, I do believe this is where I started running out of much needed pink fabric, and, I just finished redoing this block because the scraps I used weren't even the right size.  So, here we go, the finished block I will put in quilt.  Much better, trust me.  

Block 43, Pincushion Love.  One of all-time favorites for this quilt.  Took my forever to get those cute little vintage buttons picked out and sewn on.  What took me so long????  And, look who's showing it off....Crazy Ewe!  My ultimate favorite pincushion.  You know I have many, many pincushions.  But, that would be a big pic....take up whole page!  Maybe, I can start adding some in other photos along the way.  (great idea)

Block 44, Stitch in the Garden.  Now, this one took me a while.  I had to get all my blocks up on the design wall to see what color fabric to use and then, I had to spend some time stitching this beautiful block.   Photographs beautifully.

Block 45, Sewing Nut.  Now, this one did take me some time to ponder and play around with my fabrics and placement.  Then, the yo-yo flower got to showcase my recently purchased sashing.  And, what a great spot....right in the middle of quilt!  Again, just redid some this very morning.  I had the yo-yo on backwards because the front didn't close enough, but, saw other yo-yo's with buttons, so, there you go, another vintage button added and I love it!

Block 46, Twirl Time.  Another Splendid block where I got use a few more pieces of sashing fabric.  Super fun block.  You've got to make this one.  Quick, easy and fabulous!

Block 47, Circle of Love.  Tricky little thing.  Not sure I like the way I did it.  Maybe I should have cut all the little tiny pieces.  But, nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Now, wait a minute, that's good!  Guess I gained a lot!

Which, brings up to Block 48, Whim.  On a Whim!  Biggest paper pieces block pieces I've made?  I question myself.  After doing such tiny pieces, it felt like huge gigantic pieces I was working with.  Odd.  But, what a great block to do oh so many different things with.  Enjoy!

So, now you have seen almost a whole row of mine!  Two more blocks to make on this and row and we will be at the half-way mark!  And, we'll be Dancing in the Streets....

Many other works in process over here.  Had to take the time to do some much needed re-organizing before I came unglued!  Couldn't walk in my quilt studio and it's huge!!!!!  Right now, I have the computer on top of my ironing board.  Got down-right tired of it being in it's little cubby hole with earshot of the kid.  Love the kid, hate trying to work on computer right next to the kids bedroom.  So, this was nice, but, I've stood up the whole blog.  That's it for now.  Hoping to get the computer in the living room for a spell and do more blogging and web surfing and what not.


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