Monday, June 27, 2016

Splendid Sampler blocks 36, 37 & 38

Block 36, Itchy Hexagon Club, which I belong to now was quite the endeavor.  At first, I thought, oh my, that's tinier than tiny.  Which is it.  But, I also thought, I can do this!  I don't know how I can do this, but, I can do this!  For one block anyway.  Besides, I have almost a whole year I can work on this one.  So, here goes nothing!  What a challenge for me.  I thought half-inch hexes were a challenge.  Try 3/8" hexies.  Go ahead, I'll wait.  SEE!!!  I admire people who can do this size and with ease!  I can only shake my head....But, somehow I persevered. And, bingo!  I got 'er done! And, if you look close, you can see my name.  Kinda happy about that.  And, meet Miss Holly!  My new little acquisition.

Block 37, Dashing by Chocolate (mint).  Fun little churn dash block with a twist.

Block 38, Vintage Flower Basket.  Enjoyed making this block.  Found some vintage ric-rack I had in my stash.  Still thinking about adding a few little buttons in the center of flowers.

My spring cleaning has turned into summer cleaning....  I've taped up some over-sized blocks I made a few years ago out of the super fun purple and yellow fabric stash I had.  I kinda like it.  They need quilted.  But, I'm also considering making a little throw size quilt out of them.  Still deciding.  
I'm de-stashing older fabrics and just keeping new or whatever will fit fabrics in my studio.  Maybe I can re-organize more drawers to keep something.  Still want to add some paint, but, as you can see, I need purple paint.  Don't have any...yet!  Plus, I'm little scared about painting around all my fabrics.  So, maybe not just yet.  I did manage to add a few more up do's.  Need more pics.  Next blog...

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