Monday, June 20, 2016

blocks 34 & 35 Splendid Sampler and Aurifil Blocks

Good morning!  The house is quiet today.  The kid has gone off to play grown-up and his daddy has gone off to play grown-up too.  And, I am left at home to play stay-at-home dog mom and quilt my life, let's get at it!

Block 34,  by the lovely lemonade block by Amy Gibson.  What a fun block to get to use my pretty plaid and practice some curved piecing.  This block went together super!  Well, I think so.  You really should check out Amy Gibson's patterns.  She has the most unique block patterns I've ever seen.  In fact, I was so enthralled with one of her blocks, I made it over and over and over.....I don't know how many times I made this block.  Just love it!  I'm adding the quilt I made it in.  It's the block all around the outside.  Can you see how when you place different fabrics in different places, you get a totally different effect?  I love that block!  And, now, I can't think of the name.  If you're interested, I WILL look it up for you.  You just let me know in a comment...wink!

Ok, next is block 35, The Wishful Garden.  At first, I thought, Oh!!!!  I can't do that!  I don't even know how to make those embroidery stitches!  EGADS!  But, lo and behold, I sat, I waited and just scrolled my phone looking at other peoples blocks, and, someone post their beginnings....light bulb!  Hey, I thought, I can do THAT stitch!  And, away I went!  In fact, I knew how to make every stitch except the feather stitch, which I googled.  


And, now, we have come to little Aurifil portion of my blog post this week.  And, it's so cute!  If I say so myself :)  I was so inspired when Kim Niedzwiecki got permission to design a little Aurifil Spool block to add to our Stitching Fashion blocks that I just had to make a little mini Aurifil Spool quilt.  And, showcase my beloved Tula Pink fabrics.  If you want to make one and have ANY questions, you be sure to write me and I will help you get one of these accomplished.  What a fun project and now I get to look at it every time I sit at my sewing machine.  Just the right spot.  

I did have it in a frame, but, took it out of the frame.  Hmmmm....don't know which one I like better.

And, let's not forget my Aurifil BOM for June.    Modern Delft by Jacquelynne Steves.  My favorite block, well, one of them.  I'm calling mine Dancing Butterflies.  Don't they look like they're dancing? I love it when this happens!

And, so, here are all six so far this year.  I love them!  So interesting!  I know they're mine, but, I can love them too...right?!

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