Monday, June 27, 2016

Splendid Sampler blocks 36, 37 & 38

Block 36, Itchy Hexagon Club, which I belong to now was quite the endeavor.  At first, I thought, oh my, that's tinier than tiny.  Which is it.  But, I also thought, I can do this!  I don't know how I can do this, but, I can do this!  For one block anyway.  Besides, I have almost a whole year I can work on this one.  So, here goes nothing!  What a challenge for me.  I thought half-inch hexes were a challenge.  Try 3/8" hexies.  Go ahead, I'll wait.  SEE!!!  I admire people who can do this size and with ease!  I can only shake my head....But, somehow I persevered. And, bingo!  I got 'er done! And, if you look close, you can see my name.  Kinda happy about that.  And, meet Miss Holly!  My new little acquisition.

Block 37, Dashing by Chocolate (mint).  Fun little churn dash block with a twist.

Block 38, Vintage Flower Basket.  Enjoyed making this block.  Found some vintage ric-rack I had in my stash.  Still thinking about adding a few little buttons in the center of flowers.

My spring cleaning has turned into summer cleaning....  I've taped up some over-sized blocks I made a few years ago out of the super fun purple and yellow fabric stash I had.  I kinda like it.  They need quilted.  But, I'm also considering making a little throw size quilt out of them.  Still deciding.  
I'm de-stashing older fabrics and just keeping new or whatever will fit fabrics in my studio.  Maybe I can re-organize more drawers to keep something.  Still want to add some paint, but, as you can see, I need purple paint.  Don't have any...yet!  Plus, I'm little scared about painting around all my fabrics.  So, maybe not just yet.  I did manage to add a few more up do's.  Need more pics.  Next blog...

Monday, June 20, 2016

blocks 34 & 35 Splendid Sampler and Aurifil Blocks

Good morning!  The house is quiet today.  The kid has gone off to play grown-up and his daddy has gone off to play grown-up too.  And, I am left at home to play stay-at-home dog mom and quilt my life, let's get at it!

Block 34,  by the lovely lemonade block by Amy Gibson.  What a fun block to get to use my pretty plaid and practice some curved piecing.  This block went together super!  Well, I think so.  You really should check out Amy Gibson's patterns.  She has the most unique block patterns I've ever seen.  In fact, I was so enthralled with one of her blocks, I made it over and over and over.....I don't know how many times I made this block.  Just love it!  I'm adding the quilt I made it in.  It's the block all around the outside.  Can you see how when you place different fabrics in different places, you get a totally different effect?  I love that block!  And, now, I can't think of the name.  If you're interested, I WILL look it up for you.  You just let me know in a comment...wink!

Ok, next is block 35, The Wishful Garden.  At first, I thought, Oh!!!!  I can't do that!  I don't even know how to make those embroidery stitches!  EGADS!  But, lo and behold, I sat, I waited and just scrolled my phone looking at other peoples blocks, and, someone post their beginnings....light bulb!  Hey, I thought, I can do THAT stitch!  And, away I went!  In fact, I knew how to make every stitch except the feather stitch, which I googled.  


And, now, we have come to little Aurifil portion of my blog post this week.  And, it's so cute!  If I say so myself :)  I was so inspired when Kim Niedzwiecki got permission to design a little Aurifil Spool block to add to our Stitching Fashion blocks that I just had to make a little mini Aurifil Spool quilt.  And, showcase my beloved Tula Pink fabrics.  If you want to make one and have ANY questions, you be sure to write me and I will help you get one of these accomplished.  What a fun project and now I get to look at it every time I sit at my sewing machine.  Just the right spot.  

I did have it in a frame, but, took it out of the frame.  Hmmmm....don't know which one I like better.

And, let's not forget my Aurifil BOM for June.    Modern Delft by Jacquelynne Steves.  My favorite block, well, one of them.  I'm calling mine Dancing Butterflies.  Don't they look like they're dancing? I love it when this happens!

And, so, here are all six so far this year.  I love them!  So interesting!  I know they're mine, but, I can love them too...right?!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Block 32 & 33 Splendid Sampler and Extras!

Busy, busy....Let's start with the Splendid Sampler blocks.  Block 32,  the Constant Needle.  Not sure I got my flower perfectly placed, but, I love it!  It says Pink to me (wink!)  I like the ET in the center. Reminds me of ET phone home.

And, Lucky Block 33, Selvage Saver by Pat Sloan.  Love, love, love ALL her designs!  Really, though, first time officially making a whole block using selvage material.  I've added bits and pieces to quilts, but, have not made a whole block of them.  Sort of intimidated, but, I made myself follow her advice from her blog, and, used a piece of muslin as the foundation piece for block and I Love It!

And, now, on to all my little extra endeavors!  First up, my collection!  Yes, a whole collection!  It's all from patterns and my new favorite fabric line, but, I hope someday it'll be mine patterns and fabric (ouuuu....wouldn't that be fun!)  The Boden quilt blocks on the design wall are from Pat Sloan's latest book, Teach Me To Sew Triangles.  A must have for any quilter.  It has so much useful information.  Really, I'm not kidding.  It's almost like having a little reference guide to making blocks and quilts.  And, $10!  What a deal!  Ok, and, then, there's the dress!  Yes!  The dress.  I love it!  It's from a pattern I bought when it came out and waited for just the right material to show up in my life to make it out of it, and, oh boy did it!  Pattern is by Serendipity Studio, Marilyn dress.  What a great pattern!  And, the little hand bag I made using these great frames, pattern included, Jelly Clips.  This is what I used, but, not where I bought it from.  I found it at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas, last November (2015).  Oh, ok, that leaves the bags!  I just used them too.   Went to Atlanta (kind of spur of the moment, not really, but, I packed at the last minute.....does that count?)  One large and one small....adding another pic.....

I love these bags!  Swoon Blanche pattern.  So enjoyed creating these and making them out of the beautiful Tula Pink Elizabeth fabric line.  I will be adding them to my Etsy Shop just as soon as I can un-pack them and photo them outside in the beautiful sun.  We've had rain, rain, rain and, you know you just can't get really nice photos (although, these look pretty good...wink).  I'll be posting links, links, links for my little Etsy shop and adding more little things in it.  So fun....I have to pinch myself.  Can't believe I'm having so much fun making beautiful things and maybe selling some.  I already had an offer in Atlanta to buy at least one of my bags.  She really, really liked them too.  So cool!

Last, but, not least, I've been making some little bee blocks.  kinda small, but, kinda fun.  And, oh yes, I can see them lying around the house on this and that and looking so cute!  Soldiering on making the darling little things. here to get info....


Hold everything!  I still have another project to show you.  Now, How could I forget this one?!?  It has butterflies in it!
  This is from Pat Sloan's Secret Garden BOM 2016.  Block 6.  This turns out to be my favorite fabric combination of the quilt version I'm making this year.  Block 1 used the same combo.

Block one and Block 6 use the same fabric combo, but, look at how different they appear.  They look like I've used different fabrics.  How neat!  I love it!

I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting, so, if you want a day-to-day update on what all I'm making, just send me a friend request on Facebook, dianna eickhorn, and you won't miss a thing, I promise, scout's honor (I used to be a girl scout). 

Sweet Sewing my friends...


Sunday, June 5, 2016

blocks 30 & 31 Splendid Sampler

Block 30, Simple Surprises.  Finally, got a piece of the horse fabric in this block.

Block 31, Blossoming.  Oh dear!  I'm afraid all that work and it doesn't all show up very well.  May have to rework this block in the future when I feel like doing more hand work and I'm out of hand work because I really do like having some handwork to work on in the evenings.  It's comforting.  Going to try an aqua piece of fabric with grey thread or pink thread :)

Onto blocks 32 and 33 today.  I have a little surprise coming up when I get to block 40 or so.  Stay tuned.