Friday, May 13, 2016

Blocks 24 & 25 for Splendid Sampler

Hurry!  Hurry!  Step right up!  It's the Greatest more elephants!  Boo!  I will miss them!  Weren't they the best?  Such mixed feelings.  Glad they all get to retire, but, sad, too, at the same time.  Back to my Spring Mini-Makeovers!!!!!   And, blocks!  My poor blocks have kind of taken a back seat to my little mini-makeovers, but, it's all good for them too.  I'll be able to really get crackin' once everything in the house is in order.  And, I'm loving it.  Better keep on going while I'm still sort of in the mood.  Getting really tired of all work and no fun!  Taking today off!  Took my puppy out for a little holiday and we took 50 pics of her walking around the flowers at a park, yeah, that's it, a park....not!  ok, I'll show you one pic...This was one of my favorites.

And, here's one of mini-makeovers...This is my dresser showcasing my Wizard of Oz collection.

Okay, okay, back to work, hahahaha!  Block, where was I???  uhhhhh, let me see, oh yeah, block 24, Inspector Side Kick.  And, I started this blog with my Main Inspector Side Kick!  What a fun block!  And, look how darling!  A star in the middle for my Starlight!  I'll always think of her when I see this block!

And, fresh off the press, block 25, Sunday Best!  I've been working on this little by little, while cleaning, ugh!  Am I done yet?  NO!  But, the block is...Mine is a little white rabbit.  I'm late....I'm late...I really am late...wink!

Just printed out block 26, and, it may be a few days while I try to spring clean yet another room.   oh joy.  what fun it is...NOT!  lol!  No, I'm really enjoying my little mini-makeovers.  Just wears me out!  

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