Friday, May 27, 2016

Blocks 28 & 29 Splendid Sampler

Block 28, the dress block!  Paper piecing at its finest!  Small, tiny little pieces, but, oh, look at the end result!  Beautiful pattern!  Stitching Fashion.  Love it!  Love it!  Love it!  Not for the faint of heart, but, oh so worth it in the end.  

Block 29, Scrappy Happy Heart.  Another little paper pieced block pattern.  So fun.

That's it for this week.  Short and sweet.  Getting ready for the kid's High School Graduation all week.  Got my hair cut and my nails done and found a new t-shirt.  Been spring cleaning the Quilt Studio and it's going marvelously!  I am so happy!  Going to be so fun when I finally get it all together.  So, busy on the forefront here.  Not a lot of sewing, but, lots of sewing in the very near future!  So, that is my carrot!  

Happy sewing, or graduation, or spring cleaning, or traveling, or, whatever you're doing!  Me....I've got another block to make before I start getting ready for the Graduation Ceremony tonight!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Blocks 26 & 27 Splendid Sampler

Block 26, Dreaming of Dresdens.  Such a fun block to make.  I've been wanting to make the Dresden, but, I have been too shy until now.  I'm serious about making this Epic 100 Quilt Block quilt, so, I had too!  Such tiny little dresden blocks to cut and sew together and, it went together perfectly!  Love this pattern.  I was so excited with the little dresden, I had to take it outside to photograph before I added anymore to it.  And, my shell fit perfectly in the middle.  What a great photo op.  So serendipity!  Love that word and all it means!

And, here is the finished block....

And, then, we got to make Block 27, Sewing Machine.  So much can be said about the Sewing Machine block.  Where do I begin?  This is a Pat Sloan original, first published as her wallhanging quilt pattern, Oh, you've got to read her blog about her block, Pat Sloan Sewing Machine Blog, and, if you scroll down on the blog you get a link to her pattern for the Sewing Machine Wallhanging quilt.  
The wall hanging is on the right and block 27 on the left.  Now, you can see my last two blocks are two different colors and the next block will be a pink block.  More on why I did that later.

Fresh off the sewing machine, two new bags I'm currently working on...well, here's a shot of one of the bag, the other photo with both of them on it seems to missing.  I will locate that for next weeks blog.  Still have to add handles and a strap too.  But, I love them!  And, I hope you love them too.

Till next week....keep on sewing my friends!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Blocks 24 & 25 for Splendid Sampler

Hurry!  Hurry!  Step right up!  It's the Greatest more elephants!  Boo!  I will miss them!  Weren't they the best?  Such mixed feelings.  Glad they all get to retire, but, sad, too, at the same time.  Back to my Spring Mini-Makeovers!!!!!   And, blocks!  My poor blocks have kind of taken a back seat to my little mini-makeovers, but, it's all good for them too.  I'll be able to really get crackin' once everything in the house is in order.  And, I'm loving it.  Better keep on going while I'm still sort of in the mood.  Getting really tired of all work and no fun!  Taking today off!  Took my puppy out for a little holiday and we took 50 pics of her walking around the flowers at a park, yeah, that's it, a park....not!  ok, I'll show you one pic...This was one of my favorites.

And, here's one of mini-makeovers...This is my dresser showcasing my Wizard of Oz collection.

Okay, okay, back to work, hahahaha!  Block, where was I???  uhhhhh, let me see, oh yeah, block 24, Inspector Side Kick.  And, I started this blog with my Main Inspector Side Kick!  What a fun block!  And, look how darling!  A star in the middle for my Starlight!  I'll always think of her when I see this block!

And, fresh off the press, block 25, Sunday Best!  I've been working on this little by little, while cleaning, ugh!  Am I done yet?  NO!  But, the block is...Mine is a little white rabbit.  I'm late....I'm late...I really am late...wink!

Just printed out block 26, and, it may be a few days while I try to spring clean yet another room.   oh joy.  what fun it is...NOT!  lol!  No, I'm really enjoying my little mini-makeovers.  Just wears me out!  

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Splendid Sampler blocks 22 & 23 and Secret Garden May block 5

It's still Spring here in Texas, but, almost summer!  Cool day today, which, is unusual for us.  Low humidity, very unusual for us.  But, I'm taking it and running....

Been busy here Spring cleaning!  And, doing little mini makeovers.  So fun!  Love how my desk turned out.  And, my son's dresser drawers and his shelf.  Needs a new quilt on his bed!  And, my sons's idea to paint one of my benches.  I like it.  Good idea son!  You'll be seeing more of the bench.

Back to quilting......Block 22, Goose on the Loose!  This was too much fun.  Should be a law against it.  Paper pieced and I love how it turned out.

Block 23, Hand in Hand.  Oh my!  Incredible little pattern.  What a riot!  So now, I don't know which I like better?!?  You have got to make this block!  Really!  You will love it!  

And, now, I'm going to show you my version of the Secret Garden May block by Pat Sloan.  Yeah!  Block 5, Hershey Garden Pennsylvania.  I made mine with a slight different shade this month (after a major remake with previous blocks).  These blocks are so big!  I love them!  You have got to make this quilt.  Get to it! 

I have always loved making pinwheels, but, somewhere along the line they started not going together nice anymore.  Then, Splendid Sampler happened (still happening and will be happening for a long, long time) and, with new directions, and, the absolute need for accuracy for 6 inch finished blocks, I fell back in love with them!!!!  Who knew???  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Me and pinwheels are back on!  

Happy Quilting!!!