Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Splendid Sampler Blocks 10 & 11 and two Bonus blocks

Splendidly we blog along, blog along, blog!

Block 10, Iowa.  I started out with this fabric placemat.  Here's the link....Block 10.

But, ended up with this....I thought it went better with previous block.  I don't know, maybe I'll change back to original placemat.

Moving on....block 11 was more fun than you can shake a rattlesnake with?!?   Here's the link....Block 11.

I started out with this, traced my design on fabric using a pencil and a lightbox.  And, my brand spanky new Aurfil 12 weight thread hubby unknowingly bought me for our 19th Anniversary.  He was upset at first that I bought them (not cheap) but, came around to them being a good deal (almost half price and free shipping from Green Fairy Quilts)  egads y'all.....they're still on sale!  Tell them Dianna Sent you!  Here's a pic of them.

Just loved sewing this little block....first time all around.

Second time all around...

Third time all around, almost done.

fourth time all around.  middle part done, which, represents a little crocheted doily, which, my great grandmother used to make.  My grandmother used to tell me that when we sat around crocheting afghans.  Made me smile all the time I sewed, thinking about my grandma and the precious time I got to spend with her. 

And, the yarn part, all done.

And, the little crocket hook added.  I made this block in honor of my grandmother.  She loved turquoise!  Her favorite color.  And, we used to have red crocket hooks.  At least, I did.  I still do.

And, bonus blocks this week!  So fun.  Here's one from Pat Sloan, Just For You  
While these colors look so yummy together in person.  They didn't photograph very well, so, I might remake this one.

And, then, this bunny block for Easter was so fun.  Love how this one turned out.  Still have to use my new Aurifil 12 weight thread to blanket stitch this.  Get this block HERE.

Happy Easter everyone!

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