Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Block 1 of the Epic Splendid Sampler 100 block quilt adventure

Hello!  Block 1 has been released!  Get it on their wonderful website  Look at the top Title bar (might be called Navigation bar) and click on Blocks!  Oh!  You won't be sorry.  So much fun.

Soooooo......I got up Sunday morning and Boom!  there it was on a Facebook link....whoohooo!  Out to the bat cave (sewing studio) LaLaDaDaDa....and......

One wasn't enough!  I made two!

Then, I made a bunch of other stuff.  Want to see???  Ok!  The first picture is of my new purse my hubby bought me for one of our Anniversaries (yes, we have more than one).  This is from a link that is from a link.  Worth it!  Love this Go-Go lady posting all these cool free patterns and, guess what?  She's one of the designers for the Splendid Sampler (who knew?)

Then, there's this cool link!  This was posted by the wonderfully talented Pat Sloan on Facebook.  Linking you up baby....LOVE

And, this is in the process of being made...I'm finished with it now, but, haven't photographed it yet.  And, I'm half-way down with a new purse!  And, I love it!  waiting for D-rings to come in the mail to finish it.  Stay tuned...

Have fun sewing out there!  If you need any help with any links I've posted, you just let me know and, I will help you out.  

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