Thursday, May 22, 2014

Musician Art Quilts

Can't believe it, but, I just ran across the lady who wrote the book "Fabric Photo Play" from Green Quilts that started me making my musician art quilts.  Unbelievable!!!  So exciting!  That book just sort of magically appeared  in my life one day and, lead me to create this.......
I took this photo of him performing in Georgia with his new Gretsch!

And, what's so unbelievable about the whole thing now, is that, both are from Alabama!  Amazing!  I did not know that.  Nor, was I aware at the time that the book and, this came into being the same year!  This basically all happened within months of each other.  The book, the photo, and the completion of quilt!  This quilt was finished July 2005 and presented to Will at a New York show in 2005.   I know I got the book just before leaving Texas to go to the show in Georgia and even got to go to a quilt shop in Georgia.  

Which, lead me to create this.......
This is Rodney Crowell quilt, 2006

This quilt was created using a photo from one of Rodney's cd's inner sleeve photos.  And, beings he's from Texas, I added an Rainbow Lone Star and appliqued it on.  I gave him this quilt at a Texas show.

And, for my latest musician art quilt........

Tom Petty 2014

This quilt was entered into Gold Triangle Quilt Guild Quilt Show 2014 and acquired a pink ribbon in art quilt category.  I still have possession of this quilt and it's currently hanging up front and center at my home in Texas above the dining table, pink ribbon and all!


  1. They are all awesome, but Tom Petty is beyond the awesome. I have no words. BUt I love it.

  2. Dianna, you have some amazing quilts! How long have you been quilting? I love your awesome outgoing "can do or try" attitude! Hope a little rubs off on me!!

    1. Thank you! I started quilting Feb 2001 and haven't looked back since.

  3. Very cool! Great translation from photo to fabric.