Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Captain's Wife

I have recently joined Sow Along With Me (look for link on my page).  It just started recently and I'm loving it!  I'm calling mine The Captain's Wife.  Here are my first six blocks.  The fabric used is from my quilt guild that I love!  They always have free goodies in the kitchen for us to pick what we want and this last meeting I found a bag of vintage brown's.   And, I do mean vintage.  I found a 1972 copyright on the salvage of the little brown ohio star precious!  And, the other fabric is large striped beige w/brown flowers.  Kind of hard to see in these pics, but, they really spoke to me and I grabbed me and low and behold, if Bonnie Hunter didn't post a link to this Farmer's Wife quilt along....I love it when that happens!  The red fabric is from a wrong red fabric purchase.  I was trying to find some red fabric that I love for another project and thought I was ordering the right fabric, but, when I opened the package (when I was working on my CW blocks...hehe) and pulled out the wrong red fabric, it just screamed Farmer's Wife fabric.  Don't you love it when that stuff happens????  It's what I live for!  Now, I hope I haven't jinxed myself by spilling my guts, but, I do want to share how I quilt.

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