Friday, January 13, 2012

Fabric Bracelet by Pat Sloan/11 year Quilting Anniversary

Fabric Bracelet...on!

Pat Sloan's blog today had a cute Fabric Bracelet pattern, so, I had to make one!  Love it! Beings I'm celebrating 11 years (as of yesterday) No Smoking!!!!  and, 11 years of Quilting!  That's when I took up quilting.  It wasn't a day or so after I stopped smoking that I went to my first quilt bee and started really quilting.  I had been working on a one-time hand pieced quilt that I had been working on for ten years previously.

So, here's my first official completed quilt 2001.  This is not the one I had been working on for ten years.  The bee started me on a new quilt and helped me through the process.  I ended up quilting this by hand (which was more like stab quilting) because I couldn't get a walking foot for my machine.
First Official Completed Quilt 2001

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