Saturday, January 28, 2012

Denim Duffle Bag Demo

Denim Duffle Bag Demo

So, here is a pic of the pattern (my finished version is on very bottom of post).  Okay, so, this is my little demo I've put together for how I made this beautiful bag!  Please note, I have already cut out all pieces I need according to directions.

I started out using one of my products I've never had the opportunity to use before.  It's applique pieces to use for bleaching out a design on your denim.  So, you put the pretty applique pieces on your back pockets and tape around them so you don't bleach anything but design.

So, here's a shot of right after I took the applique off after spraying bleach on them.

And, here's another shot of the pretty little designs.  As you can see, I need some practice!

So, here's a pic of some of the materials I'm using for this demo.  You can see my pretty lining I found in my stash.  I love it!  Pretty blue background with pink flowers and lots of other colors, so anything will go with bag.

Step one.  Add zipper to top pieces.

This is a pic of sewing zipper pieces to front of bag.  

So, here's a pic of some of the materials I'm using for this demo.  You can see my pretty lining I found in my stash.  I love it!  Pretty blue background with pink flowers and lots of other colors, so anything will go with bag.

So, everything is sewn together.  Front, back and zipper and top pieces. (top view)

Bottom view.

Next, was the side pockets.  One is sewn here and one is ready to sew.

This is where I was sewing on the bottom piece.

Can you see the bottom piece on the right?

Now, sew the un-sewn part of that bottom to the front piece....

Had to take Mermaid and acrylic top to fit bag over machine arm.

And, sew over zipper VERY slowly!  I think I went through about four needles!  Shame on me!!!

Okay.  So, you got it all sewn together.

This are the wrong straps, but, I wanted to show you why.  First, I didn't cut them wide enough and can you see the pocket outline from where I cut these from jeans?  That was a big mistake!  No matter how hard I tried, my machine could not sew all those layers together.  I think this is where I broke all those needles trying to do this. 

I hope this is the pic of the right straps!

This is the correct straps sewn in.  I sewed around the pocket outline and lower about four or five times to really secure those straps because I think this is where the stress will be when bag is loaded with goodies.  Also note, I forgot to sew the sides pieces with pockets in...:)

Another shot with side pockets!  Now, for the lining and stabilizers!

This is the bottom stabilizer and the feet.  I used a nail and a hammer to make my holes.  Worked for me.

Ah, the pretty lining!  Making my inside pockets first.

two pockets.

sewing them on the inside front and back pieces.

And, sewing front to bottom and bottom to back.


Not sure what I was trying to show you here.  oh well.

And, here is every laid out again just like the bag.

This is the stabilizer and extension pieces.

This was a little tricky, but, can be managed.

Here's goes nothing....


Now, put that lining in the bag girl!

Very nice!

And, sew around the zipper.  I wanted you to see how I sewed it.  On the left hand side you can see my stitches.  They are just big stitches.  Normally, I would have used a blind hem, but, why?  This is not an evening gown or anything, it's a denim duffle bag!  Practical stitches for a very practical bag!  I love it!

Yeah!!!!  You can make one of these as a weekend project if you cut all your pieces beforehand.  You can contact me if you have any questions.  

Friday, January 13, 2012

Fabric Bracelet by Pat Sloan/11 year Quilting Anniversary

Fabric Bracelet...on!

Pat Sloan's blog today had a cute Fabric Bracelet pattern, so, I had to make one!  Love it! Beings I'm celebrating 11 years (as of yesterday) No Smoking!!!!  and, 11 years of Quilting!  That's when I took up quilting.  It wasn't a day or so after I stopped smoking that I went to my first quilt bee and started really quilting.  I had been working on a one-time hand pieced quilt that I had been working on for ten years previously.

So, here's my first official completed quilt 2001.  This is not the one I had been working on for ten years.  The bee started me on a new quilt and helped me through the process.  I ended up quilting this by hand (which was more like stab quilting) because I couldn't get a walking foot for my machine.
First Official Completed Quilt 2001

Monday, January 9, 2012

Bonnie Hunter's Cheddar Bow-Tie Challenge

I'm way late getting in on this challenge but, I'm not letting that stop me!

Just click on Bonnie Hunter's link on this page.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Meet Me at the Crossroads

This is my version of Retro Crossroad's by Marti Michelle from American Patchwork and Quilting magazine.  Still need to finish quilting and binding etc.

And, here is the back...